Sarah Burchill

Artisan of the Weird and Wondrous

I've forgotten

what it's like

to be bored.

The beauty of

Glass, Gold and Fire

will never cease to amaze me.

Creating is my great passion in life!

I do not only want a thing I create to be an item but part of a statement, expression, memory or identity.

To me, and to many others jewelry prove powerful symbols in life and society.

Glassblowing always been a dream, and my current occupation is in a lovely hotshop in Axelsberg, Stockholm, Sweden. I learn new things all the time and trying ideas that stem from my work in other materials is an exciting, constant challenge.


I believe that nothing material follow us in life for so long as a loved piece of jewelry. Many keep their tattered childhood pieces and pass them along to their own children, or re-forge them into more adult jewelry to be a part of their life still. Even in death, some wish to keep their beloved pieces on to be buried with, the most common example being the wedding ring.


Jewelry is important. It is a finely tuned system of social codes, and that very jewelry language is what I love to play with and try to find the right expression and convey emotions!


I live in Sweden and happily do commissions to be sent all over the world. Preferably in metal or glass, but some special items in mixed media or textile happens once in a while as well. Feel free to contact me!


/Sarah B

I can't help myself but keep experimenting in new materials. I combine all kind of techniques; metalwork, glasscrafts, amber carving, textile work and resin casting to bring my ideas to life. It's an endless process of curiosity combined with trial-and-error!

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