Sarah Burchill

-Artisan of the Weird and Wondrous

Crafts with
Soul, Saga

And just a hint of sorcery

The Crafts

No matter if it is glass, gold, textile, imagery or music I put my soul into everything I create. Since I was a child creating is my solace. Experimenting in small series gives me the opportunity to see how things work, evolve the ideas and see my collections take shape.

My favourite thing is to combine new materials with old ideas and work from traditional methods towards timeless unique pieces of artisan provenance.

I am totally a serial crafter so ideas come, pile up and then, sometimes, are used in my creations. I rarely do a collection twice, and the second time around it is never the same as the first. Make sure to grab whatever you want to purchase from me as soon as you see it because there is usually no "next time".

I can't stop creating. It's compulsory and simply who I am, my identity and my solace. My greatest challenge and the place where I find peace. Adding materials to my palette and find new ways to combine the traditional and modern is the best thing in the world to me.

/Sarah Burchill - Artisan of the Weird and Wondrous

Example of materials

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